As part of your MindBridge service offering, you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) at kickoff. 

Your CSM will be with you from the beginning of your partnership with MindBridge and will grow with you as you grow with the software and service.

The primary role of the CSM is to learn your business processes so that you can continually maximize value from your CSM and meet your business goals and objectives. This ensures that you and your staff are optimizing productivity and improving the profitability of your firm.

Your CSM will be your main point of contact for support issues, and they will acts as your advocate and voice directly into the Product team - making sure escalations and enhancements are heard. Your feedback, and opinions, matter! 

In an effort to continuously deliver value, your CSM can conduct Monthly Business Reviews with a cross-functional (i.e, those utilizing the product the most) team from your organization. In these meetings, we will:

  • Examine your current business needs and confirm that the product is meeting them.
  • Review your future business needs and determine if any of your processes are changing. This will assure that the product meets those needs as they arise.
  • Discuss product direction, giving your organization an opportunity to give invaluable feedback on our road map.

It's recommended that you reach out to them directly, but other options are available. If you opt in for email support or utilize our in-app chat functionality, your CSM will be alerted that their assigned client has requested assistance.

If you have any questions, please contact support by using the in-app chat feature, reaching out to your assigned Customer Success Manager, or by emailing directly.

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