Using MindBridge can be broken down into a few easy steps:

  1. Access MindBridge
  2. Create an organization and an engagement
  3. Import the customer data, and map the chart of accounts
  4. Analyze the data and create the audit plan

Access to MindBridge is controlled by the primary user (otherwise known as the System Adminsitrator) for the system who is an employee of your firm. Requesting a new account for approval by the primary user by pressing the “Request an Account” button on the login screen.

Note: MindBridge employees do not have access to your system, nor its secure data, unless explicitly given permission to enter.

Once inside the system you will be prompted to Create an Organization as well as the name for the New Engagement.

After creating an Engagement you will have the option to import customer data as well as load a chart of accounts in advance of the data import. If no chart of accounts has been imported, one will be created as part of the data import. Users have the ability to map the chart of accounts from inside MindBridge (or Excel) and will need to verify the mapping process as part of all new data imports.

Analyze the data and create the audit plan - This is where the magic happens and users can begin viewing the insights that MindBridge is providing. After reviewing the analytics, users can begin the process of focusing on the audit planning process.

To guide you through these steps, you have been assigned a Customer Success Manager. Your Customer Success Manager will be available to answer any usage, project plan or technical questions you may have.

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