While some of our articles that are publicly available, you need to be logged into Ai Auditor to access the vast majority of our support content. 

Here's an example of the available content while logged out: 

Here's an example of the available content while logged in:

Logging into Ai Auditor

Logging in From a Browser

Your organization will have what we call a "Tenant." a Tenant is an instance of Ai Auditor that's specific to your organization.

The address to your organization's Tenant follows the following format: 


The "xxxxxxx" portion of the address is defined by your organization.

When visiting your organization's Tenant in a browser, you will be presented with a login screen. Enter the email address and password you used when Creating Your Account and click Login. 

Note: You must be invited by an Administrator before you can log into Ai Auditor. Reach out to your organization's Admin if you need access to the Tenant. If you don't know the email address associated with your account, reach out to support@mindbridge.ai

You can also use Single-Sign-On (a commonly used login method across websites) to login using your Microsoft or Gmail account.

To learn more about Single Sign-On, visit our Intercom articles:

Logging in from the Knowledge Base

If you're using our Knowledge Base and don't see our full library of content, click Can't see our full Knowledge Base? Make sure you're logged in!

You'll be taken to the default login screen. Login using your Ai Auditor credentials. 

A new tab will open in your browser which will show you the My Account section within Ai Auditor.

 Close this window and Refresh the Knowledge Base browser tab. You will then have full access to all of our Knowledge Base articles! 

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